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The DeskCycle-2 is the best quality mini exercise bike on the market. It’s the only under-desk bike that’s NOT made in China. With the ability to adjust the legs, you can set the maximum pedal height to 26 cms, or drop it down to 23cm to give you more desk clearance. That 3cm can make all the difference.

Use at work or home – Use while on your phone, watching TV, playing video games or any time you’re sitting still and your legs are free. It’s great for general exercise and physical therapy.

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Smooth and Quiet Magnetic Resistance

What makes the DeskCycle 2 better than other mini exercise bikes? Patented Magnetic Resistance. Pedal away quietly without disturbing your coworkers or family members. The DeskCycle has ultra-smooth smooth pedal motion. This makes pedaling the DeskCycle an unconscious activity so you can focus your attention on your work or other activities. This is achieved by combining magnetic resistance and a precision flywheel with an effective weight of 40 lbs. The DeskCycle-2 will work at a desk as short as 27 inches. Persons over 5’10” will need a taller desk.

Wide resistance range with 8 resistance levels

It has more than twice the resistance range of the cheaper pedal exercisers; 8 calibrated resistance settings; from very easy to more than you need.

Adjustable Pedal Height for Under-Desk Exercise

One of the best parts of this new bike is that the pedal height of the DeskCycle 2 is fully adjustable to suit you. When using the DeskCycle 2, you can set the maximum pedal height to either 9 or 10 inches — depending on what works for you. This is in addition to other customization features such as the bike’s wide resistance range, adjustable Velcro straps and a wide base that eliminates side-to-side rocking. If you’re interested in the DeskCycle but want a way to lower it farther, this is the answer! Choose the adjustable DeskCycle 2 when you want to get exercise while also:
  • Working at your desk
  • Watching television
  • Playing video games
  • Reading a book
  • Using your phone
Essentially, you can use it just about anywhere when you’re sitting and your legs are free. The DeskCycle 2 is a compelling way to incorporate exercise in your routine.

Benefits of the DeskCycle Under-Desk Bike

There are several key differentiators of DeskCycle products, even beyond the adjustable pedal height. Add the DeskCycle 2 to your desk, and enjoy features such as:
  • A design with magnetic resistance that eliminates jerky pedal motions Smooth spinning — thanks to an internal machine flywheel spinning at 14 times the pedal speed
  • Large, adjustable Velcro straps on the pedals
  • A wide resistance range with eight levels
  • A 1,000-minute display that surpasses what’s offered with comparable bikes
  • Online Calorie Calculator and progress logger.
  • Log your DeskCycle activity to your Fitbit account.
  • A display stand for placing on a desk
  • Usability for ages 5 to 100
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • One-year warranty
The DeskCycle 2 makes it easy to work out right where you are — with a convenient, adjustable under-desk exercise bike that fits your busy schedule. If you’ve been waiting to prioritize exercise and its weight-controlling, health-boosting, lifespan-extending benefits, now is the time to do something. Order your DeskCycle 2. Or, get in touch with us today to learn more!

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 61 × 51 × 25 cm
Resistance Range at 60 RPM (15 mph)

10 Watts to 90 Watts

Resistance Range at 90 RPM

13 Watts to 155 Watts

Resistance Range at 120 RPM

15 Watts to 222 Watts

Number of Resistance Steps


Pedal Arm Length


Pedal Rotation Diameter


Pedal Arm Thread Size

Standard 9/16 inches

Drive Mechanism

Patented double Axle, Twin Belt, Heavy-Duty Machined Flywheel, 8 sealed bearings. Designed for years of mantenance-free use.

Computer Functions

Speed, Time, Calories, Distance and Scan.

User Weight Limit

It can safely be used by a person who is 350lbs or less. Note, the DeskCycle was not designed for use when standing.

14 reviews for Deskcycle 2

  1. Jess

    I did a lot of research before buying my Desk Cycle 2. I read just about every article available, thought it couldn’t hurt more than sitting already does, and ordered one. After using it for a month with a lot of success, I revisited those articles and noticed something: every reviewer patently ignored the instructions to start at level 1 for a week, then increase incrementally, and only go up to level 3 if you still want to get work done. They all cranked it up to level 4 or higher right away.

    Having actually followed said above instructions, I can safely say this is fantastic and I wish I’d bought one sooner. It’s great to fit exercise in whenever you can, and staying at a level 3, I pedal for 3-4 hours during the course of my workday without sweating at all. This also got me to switch my work heels for flats, so that’s probably also better for my feet.

    All in all a great purchase. Don’t hesitate to buy one, just read *all* of the instructions, not just the ones for installation.

  2. Terry

    So far I am extremely pleased with the Deskcycle. It is a very high quality product, the pedaling is butter smooth and it’s just overall solid. I tried a cheaper pedal exerciser and there is NO comparison – you get what you pay for. I sit at a desk for 8-9 hours a day. Time will tell how the Deskcycle holds up to regular use, but so far I am LOVING this. I am having no issues putting 40 miles a day on this thing. IT WORKS!

  3. DenSolo

    This cycle is SO quiet, I can use it during our court sessions and no one even knows about it (except for maybe a little bobbing on my part). During courtroom hearings, there can be no distractions of course, and that is why I bought this particular brand. The magnetic tension is much quieter than mechanical tension. I love that they have included a long cord and stand to put the indicator panel on my desk where I can see it, instead of using the attachment under the desk on the device. After using it for a few weeks, I decided to buy the Bluetooth sensor so that it could pair all the settings with my iPhone and Health app. The sensor doesn’t quite work the way I want it to, in terms of how much information is available through the Health app (which doesn’t seem to see I’ve cycled for an hour and apply it to my exercise ring), but having it all available on my phone and seeing my progress daily was worth the exorbitant amount they charged for it ($29). I could have put that information in online as well, but that was a hassle to remember. Also, I wanted to do separate sessions throughout the day and seemed to only be able to put one session in per day on the app. Those are all technical issues, but I want to emphasize that the device itself is wonderful. I really feel like I’m getting workout done while I’m just sitting at my desk at work. All of my co-workers have tried it and can’t wait to get their own. I took one star off because of something I think could have been made a little easier. Setting up the cycle was easy enough, but I wanted the foot straps off so I could get up quickly when I needed to. The pedals are absolutely fine without the straps. However, to get the straps off, it was a HUGE pain in the a**. I’d rate the instructions for that maybe a 3 out of 5. You’ll need a screwdriver or something to use to pry the pedals apart, and I said a few choice words during the process. It’s pretty tight. But now that they are off, everything is great. If you ask me, the extra money for the magnetic tension on the DeskCycle 2 was worth it.

  4. A. M.

    I’ll admit it right now: I really didn’t expect much from this purchase; I half-expected to return it. I’m a fit and physically active person, but my job requires me to sit at a desk, so I’m not as active as I’d like to be. I thought, maybe a little mini-bike or a stepper or something like that would help me keep my legs moving, and improve blood circulation while I sit.

    As I hoped, my lower back and legs feel much less stiff from sitting at the end of the day, now that I have the little exercise bike under my desk. My goal isn’t to build strength/endurance with this, but mostly to offset the sedentary lifestyle during the work week, and for this, DeskCycle is absolutely perfect.

    If I tried to make actual exercise out of it, I couldn’t focus on my work, because this little machine actually provides some noticeable resistance at the max setting. Most days, I just have it set to 3 and pedal away as I work. It is quiet enough, that the fan and disk noise from my workstation drowns it out.

    After about a month of having my chair continually “shackled” to the DeskCycle with the included velcro strap, I found an adjustable strap with carabiner clips that is much quicker to use with the rolling chair. Now if I need to unhook my chair from the mini-bike, it only takes me a few seconds, but mostly I just leave the two linked together for days at a time.

    It’s built well enough that I think it will last me some years at current level of use. All in all, I am glad I bought it.

  5. Rebecca

    Did some research and reading on a few styles of these before purchasing and it paid off. Tension range is good and works well under my desk.

    Great to be able to stay more active during long work days at my desk.

  6. Thomas P.

    Works great and is completely silent. I am 6 feet tall so my knees touch my desk sometimes. I had to order a set of casters with breaks which was only $8.99 for as set of 5 on Amazon so my chair wouldn’t role away on my tile office floor. The strap to attach to a chair to keep it from rolling away is very awkward and I could only tolerate it for about 1/2 a day. I am pedaling an average of 20 to 30 miles each day and don’t even realize I am pedaling anymore.

  7. CO

    I was annoyed when I took this out of the box and realized I’d have to spend a few minutes assembling it. I almost gave up and returned it because I wasn’t even sure I would ever use it. My kids got home from school and seemed interested so I used it for the first time to show them how it works. That was a half hour ago, and I can’t stop pedaling. It’s addictive. I thought I would be annoyed having to focus on it, but after a couple minutes I didn’t think about it anymore and I’m keeping a pretty steady pace. Then I thought my knees are a little sore, but that’s probably because I’m overweight. Not going to stop peddling over that. I don’t love to sweat, but I’m sitting in my cool house sweating which just tells me it’s making my body work at least quite a bit more than sitting still and doing nothing. I went from total disinterest just shopping for a new desk to be sure I have plenty of space for clearance. I got this on sale for $120. I don’t normally spend much on gifts, but there were a few people that I’ve already decided I’m going to gift this too because they work at a desk like I do and this thing really feels great to pedal. If you are reading this, it’s because you need to be more active – just like me. Give it a shot because if it’s not as enjoyable for you, stick it back in the box and print out a return label – but you won’t. It’s addictive.

    As you can see, I didn’t even stop pedaling for the photo.

  8. Lucille Bluth

    I’ve been using the DeskCycle 2 for nearly a month and I’ve done close to 1000 miles and dropped 15lbs. It’s easy to put together, quiet, consistent, easy to store, and wonderful to use. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

    I currently have mine tucked under the coffee table and I can just scoot it out of the storage area, support my back with an additional couch cushion, and get a decent bit of exercise while watching tv.

  9. Golf Girl

    I need a hip replacement so walking is difficult for me right now, but the Desk Cycle is perfect for my morning exercise. I don’t use it under a desk, rather I sit in a chair in my living room in the mornings and cycle while I’m having my morning coffee and watching the news. A great way to get daily exercise in.

  10. Bibliophile

    This little bike is life-changing. I work a desk job in which I sit for extended periods, with no realistic possibility of exercising during the day. Even fitting in a workout before or after work is almost impossible due to family and other commitments.

    But, with this bike, I can burn hundreds of calories—often over a thousand—while I work. In 5 days using this bike, I have gotten an average of 150 minutes of exercise per day and burnt an average of 850 extra calories per day, all without actually breaking a sweat or leaving my desk.

    I cannot recommend this enough, and I am seriously contemplating getting a second for my home office. [Update 8/8/2019: I now have a second one for my home office, and I am loving it just as much.]

    Some tips:

    – I am only 5′ 9″ tall, and my knees just barely miss my 27″ (non-adjustable) desk. If you are taller than I am, have long legs, or have a desk that is 27″ high or lower, the Desk Cycle 2 will work better for you (that extra inch matters). Either way, you will probably want to lower your chair.

    – The strap is handy for any extended peddling. I don’t bother with it when I’m up and down frequently, but if I’m going to be sitting for 30+ minutes, it’s worth the effort to use the strap.

    – Use the stand to put the computer on your desk; you won’t be able to see it easily if you leave it attached to the cycle.

    – If you have an Apple Watch, the “Indoor Cycle” workout is your best option and works well.

  11. Anonymous 1

    Like this under desk cycle which I just got last week. I got a reduced deal of the day from Amazon and ordered a second one for work. That is how much I like it. It is well made, feels very sturdy but is compact so it doesn’t take up much room. I walk
    every day but haven’t cycled in a while so on level 4 it is giving me a workout. Also it seems to synchronize with my Apple Watch giving me steps. I recommend this for anyone who has small space and wants to keep being active. Think it will be fun to do at work beyond sitting with no exercise whatsoever.

  12. kleah

    Love this machine. I mulled over this purchase and read through TONS of reviews before purchasing. It definitely lives up to its good reviews. I was worried about it being too noisy because I work in a cubicle type setting but they don’t even know when I’m peddling. It was very simple to put together so I’m confused by the reviews that said otherwise. It came with the one tool that you need. Its very smooth to peddle and I am 5’6″ with a 27 inch clearance under my desk and my knees don’t hit. I did pay the $10 more for the Deskcycle 2 because it is one inch lower (the only real difference between the two) and I’m glad I did. I have a my desk up against a wall so the machine doesn’t go anywhere when I peddle but I do have to use the strap that came with it so that my chair (on wheels) doesn’t move backwards. I love that I can put the electronic display/tracker on my desk so I can see my progress and it doesn’t reset the distance/time/calories until I do it manually so it keeps track all day without losing data. The tension control is a nice feature as well. I am pre-diabetic so along with calorie burning I’m happy to have the increased circulation all day too. Overall, after all my research into the competitors, this one is the lowest (has the best chance of fitting under your desk) and best option and I’m glad I purchased it.

  13. Ellie Burns

    Been looking for this product now for a while. I had originally gotten this cheap exercise bike and of course the seat hurt SO MUCH that I began only using the pedals, going backwards, sitting on a chair. So that worked, until the pedals kept coming off. By a month of daily use and daily screwing the pedals back in, the threading was so bad I had to screw it in every five minutes. I thought, okay this might be a problem with all “at home” exercise equipment.

    BUT THEN, I found this awesome cycle. NO threading issues, no screwing anything in except for the very first time when I put it together. No sliding on the floor even when I’m using it. It just does what it’s supposed to do. The calorie counter and speedometer work great. The cycling is SUPER QUIET. The only issue I even have is maybe a tiny one – there’s a big difference between level 1 and level 2, it feels like quite a sharp increase for one little increment. But that’s literally it, my one and only tiny complaint. I would recommend this cycle to anyone.

  14. Rhayven

    I am a website developer and 3D artist so I live a very sedentary lifestyle. I am always around a computer as I have to deal with pretty rigid deadlines. Therefor, there really isn’t time to hit the gym. I did buy a treadmill with a incline a while back, but things got too busy so I couldn’t use it any more. It was a bummer too as I lost about 12 pounds on it in about three months.

    However, I decided to buy this little machine about 5 weeks ago. And I am not disappointed. It is VERY quite. Not a single annoying squeak. And best of all, I went from 160 lb to 153 just 5 weeks. My diet has not changed much (outside of limiting my take out and increasing my protein levels). I use this machine about 2-3 hours Monday-Friday, and 4-5 hours Saturday-Sunday. I don’t even need to use the higher tension settings. I use tension 2 and 3 with 2 being used for the first hour and 3 being used for the second to third hour.

    I am quite happy with this and surprised that I have lost weight in such a short time frame. It has also helped strengthen my legs as well, which is always a plus. 🙂

    I would highly recommend this desk bike!

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