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The MagneTrainer ER is a light, portable at home mini exercise bike that is the best of its’ kind.

MagneTrainer ER, the original Magnetic Resistance trainer, developed in 2012, it is synonymous with ultra smooth, quiet, exercise. Designed in the USA as an alternative to cumbersome upright bikes MagneTrainer ER, it’s a user friendly home leg and arm exerciser perfect for general fitness, to aid rehabilitation or remedy mobility and circulation issues; endorsed by therapists & fitness professionals.

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The serious “at home mini bike”, MagneTrainer is full of quality enhancements, with superior resistance and stability. It also has several supplementary accessories to enhance the exercise experience. It’s also suitable for medical applications; with sixty percent more resistance than other mini exercise bikes.

What makes the MagneTrainer better?

Magnetic Resistance provides smooth, quiet, pedal motion at all resistance settings and pedal speeds. Non-Magnetic bikes tend to have jerky pedal motion that varies with pedal speed. They can also be noisy, wear out quickly, and often require routine maintenance.

The MagneTrainer is designed as an at home mini exercise bike, meaning that you can watch your TV or read you book uninterrupted.

Widest Pedal Resistance Range

The MagneTrainer has the widest resistance range available. The MagneTrainer has 2-3 times the resistance range of other magnetic pedal exercisers. It’s also up to 5 times more challenging than cheaper bikes.

Wider, More Stable Base

The MagneTrainer has a wide solid base, holding it sturdy on the floor or table. It doesn’t rock from side to side when you pedal, because the front and rear legs are over 15 inches wide.

Sturdy Pedals with Adjustable Velcro Straps

The MagneTrainer comes stock with high-quality pedals. These pedals have ball-bearings and long, heavy-duty adjustable Velcro® straps. 

Fastened Front Feet

We fasten the front feet to the front legs with screws to eliminate rolling.

Superior Components

We use components that are heavier duty than our competitors. Solid bearings, belts, flywheels, pedals and other components. This ensures that the MagneTrainer will last for years.


Several optional accessories have been designed specifically for the MagneTrainer:

  • Larger Pedals with adjustable Velcro Straps which provide a much more sturdy pedalling experience
  • Ergo Handles provide a more natural and comfortable motion for arm workouts

  • The Quick Connect kit removes the need for tools to change accessories, making it a breeze.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 51 × 41 × 46 cm
Resistance Range at 60 RPM (15 mph)

Over 170 Watts

Number of Resistance Steps


Pedal Arm Length


Pedal Arm Thread Size

Standard 9/16 inches

Drive Mechanism

Double Axle, Twin Belt

Computer Functions

Speed, Time, Calories, Distance and Scan.

Height of Bike with Display


Height of Bike without Display


7 reviews for MagneTrainer

  1. John Westerhof

    I like this machine because of my disability it really helps strengthening my legs.

  2. Lily & Papyrus

    This was such a great purchase.

    It took little effort to put together; it takes up very little space; it is quiet; it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, it’s pretty basic but the basics are good.

    I use a low stool so it is more of a recumbent bike which makes this even more of a prize, it is totally customisable in that you control what you sit on; where you place it; and at what level.

    The most complicated thing about using this little gem is setting up my stool in a consistent manner (I at times place it too close and have stop pedalling to readjust).

    Wish I had bought this one first and not my previous machine which didn’t make it through the year AND took up way more space than I could afford to give up.

  3. Am Customer

    works great. My only complaint is no matter how tight I make the pedals they start to come lose after a few uses.

  4. fitnourish77

    So far so good! Definitely more expensive than other brands, but for the amount I use it I wanted quality and a machine capable of arm/ergo workout. I spent hours researching options for an arm cycle workout and I kept coming back to the magnetrainer. Sure, there are $100 units that would have probably done the job, but for me this needed to be a quality purchase. The arm exercise has helped significantly with my shoulder issues and preventing further injury. You just have to find the “sweet spot” with the platform you use it on, unless you spend hundreds more on an adjustable unit the company sells. I found the kitchen counter while standing is a good height, or my desk table if I’m sitting. Cycling with the legs irritates my knees due to injury there as well. The width of the pedals may have something to do with that; however it’s not necessarily a fault with the machine. Overall, it’s very smooth and I’ve enjoyed my first 6+ weeks with the magnetrainer. The desk cycle website is very useful for extra parts. I ordered the ergo handles and connectors – processing and shipping was extremely fast. The connectors help if individuals want to change between ergo handled and the standard petal, as the threading will start to strip without them. Honestly I find I use the standard petals with my arms more than the ergo handles as it feels more comfortable in my hands; yet I do enjoy the versatility. Realistically this will save me money over time avoiding physio rates and any other rehab costs. I hope this review helps others looking for the same thing because for me it was REALLY hard to find info and reviews on arm cycle machines. I wanted something that would challenge me (have enough resistance) as I do consider myself strong and physically fit. I’ve noticed a change in my muscle tone since using this machine. My arms are more defined than I’ve ever remembered
    – excellent compliment to other exercises and weight lifting routines. To be honest I think people need to talk about ergo exercise more, so perhaps I need to blog about it and post pictures:). It’s not just for injuries or elderly people. I don’t typically review. For me, being a genuine and caring health/nutrition professional means I’m always using myself as an experiment before suggesting products to my clients etc. Hope this review helps others and I will update if anything changes.

  5. Stumpy

    This is a great product that gets your cardio vascular system going very well and easy to use with both feet and hands, great for a wheelchair user.

  6. Sonja Edgar

    It is a perfect trainer for my particular need. My need is to strenghthen the muscles around the knee before knee replacement. Then I will use it regular after surgery to regain the range of motion of my knee.

    I find it easy to use. I watch the news in the morning after some minutes on the treadmill
    After I’m finished my husband uses the machine for a cardio workout after the treadmill.

    The numbers on the little indicator are a challenge for older eyes, but really that’s the only thing I/we can find wrong.

  7. C. G. Williams

    I am extremely happy with this product. It arrived very promptly and was pretty easy to assemble – I actually managed on my own without any problems. Takes up very little space compared to an exercise bike but is so much more comfortable to use. I find normal bike saddles so uncomfortable, that I give up after a short while. This I can use from a comfortable chair.

    The motion is very smooth and quiet, so can easily exercise while watching TV, without disturbing anyone. The tension knob does not have specific settings, but is quite effective at increasing the load needed to pedal, but rather noisy to set. The disadvantage is the calorie counter, not sure this is very accurate, and calories burned seem to be the same for a distance however hard the tension is, which can’t be right.

    It gives a good workout both backwards and forwards, which seems to use different muscle groups, and can be used with hands, but I’ve not tried this yet.

    On the USA site a few users complain about it slipping when used. I have not found this when using on carpet, however I think at full tension it may be more of a problem (not got that good yet!). It came supplied with velcro straps to connect to your chair to prevent slipping and I assume this will work fine.

    All in all a good robust machine, that encourages me to still do a workout even when tired and ready relax in front of the TV. Certainly recommended.

    Only gave 4 stars due to the counter not being accurate enough.

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