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Are Mini Exercise Bikes Effective?

Apr 20, 2022

Mini exercise bikes also known as pedal exercisers or mini fitness bikes have been on the exercise scene for quite some time now. Due to the low intensity workout that they provide they have become increasingly popular among the older generation as a way of keeping active. In addition to their popularity among those in their golden years pedal exercisers are seen to be very effective for those recovering from surgery or certain medical conditions. The question many people ask themselves before deciding to buy is, are mini exercise bikes effective?

Are Mini Exercise Bikes Good For Weight Loss?

With the main reason people buying home gym equipment been to lose weight, you might well be wondering if mini steppers and/or pedal exercisers are any good for weight loss. 

Keeping one’s self going is a difficult thing to do. There are a million distractions that occur every day and that can mean that we do not stay on track with what we should be doing.

When trying to lose weight two aspects come into play. First of all the amount of calories an individual consumes on a daily basis is a considerable factor when trying to shift a few pounds. Lowering calorie intake will go along way in helping to lose weight.

The second factor is how many calories are burned through general activity and exercise. It goes without saying that the more intense a workout is, leads to more calories being burned.

How many calories does a pedal exerciser burn?

The answer to this question is dependent upon a variety of factors. Things like age, gender and metabolism have a big effect on the individual amount of calories a person uses. Generally speaking though the average user burns a total of 250 calories per 30 minute workout. When compared to treadmills or spin bikes this might not seem a lot. The thing to remember is that mini fitness bikes are a low intensity workout that you can do unconsciously while working, reading a book or watching a the TV.

Why Are Mini Exercise Bikes Good For The Elderly?

When it comes to the elderly, buying a pedal exercisers is an excellent investment. As we get older and become less mobile getting the exercise we need can be a lot harder. A mini fitness bike allows the elderly and/or less mobile to get a workout in the comfort of their own home. Aside from the cardio benefits using a pedal exerciser machine is also helpful in promoting good blood flow and circulation.

To conclude the elderly generation has a lot to gain from using this piece of exercise equipment and this is why so many buy them.


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