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Deskcycle 2 Vs MagneTrainer

Feature Deskcycle 2 MagneTrainer
Exercise your Arms Not recommended. The DeskCycle comes with pedals that are designed for feet use only. You cannot use the ergo handles with the DeskCycle. They would hit the ground when you pedal. Having said that, some people do use the DeskCycle with their hands and feet. Yes. The pedals that come with the MagneTrainer work with your hands and feet. You can also use the ergo handles with the MagneTrainer. The ergo handles are sold separately.
Exercise At Work The DeskCycle 2 is a better bike for exercising at the average desk because of it’s low profile. The maximum pedal height is 5 inches lower than the MagneTrainer. Yes, only if your desk is at least 33 inches tall from the ground to the underneath side of the desk. At least 36 inches is preferred.
Maximum Resistance 130 Watts @ 60 RPM

390 Watts @ 120 RPM
170 Watts @ 60 RPM

480 Watts @ 120 RPM
Maximum Pedal Height 10 inches 15 inches
Pedals Comes with Large Pedals, an optional Accessory for the MagneTrainer. Large pedals are for use with feet only. Standard Pedals work with hands and feet.
Number of Resistance Steps 8 steps Infinite – 5 Rotation Dial

You rotate the adjustment dial over 5 complete revolutions to go from the minimum to the maximum resistance.
Pedal Rotation Circumference
7 inches 10 inches
Length of pedal arms 3.5 inches 5 inches
Width of Legs Front leg is 20 inches wide, rear leg is 15 inches wide.

Front and rear legs are both 15 inches wide.